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Find your next job in criminology, and learn what you'll need to do to get hired.

Civilian Careers in Criminology and Criminal Justice
You don't have to be a police officer or special agent to work in criminology and criminal justice. There are plenty of civilian career paths available, too.

Criminal Justice and Criminology Careers
There are so many options within criminology and criminal justice careers, it can be hard to choose just which job you want. Get a rundown of the jobs available in the field.

Criminology Job Lisitngs
Find out which agenices are hiring, and learn more about them from their recruiting pages.

Department of Homeland Security Careers
Learn more about the jobs and career options available within the Department of Homeland Security.

Federal Law Enforcement Careers
If you're looking for careers in criminal justice and criminalology, you may want to consider working for the federal government. Get helpful information on federal law enforcement jobs and what types of careers are available.

Federal Law Enforcement Jobs
Find out which Federal Law Enforcement agencies are hiring and how to apply.

Finding Jobs for Former Police Officers
For former police officers, finding a new career after and early retirement can be difficult and stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Police learn valuable skills that make them a perfect fit for almost any career outside of law enforcement. Learn how to accentuate your strengths and better prepare for life after law enforcement.

Finding the Perfect Job in Criminology
Learn how to find the right career for you in the area of criminology and criminal justice.

How to Choose a Law Enforcement Career
Learn more about the different opportunites avaialble to you in the area of law enforcement, at the local, state and federal levels.

How to Complete a Job Application for Law Enforcement Jobs
Your job application is an employer's first glimpse at what kind of worker you are. Learn why it's important to properly complete your application and how do it right to increase your chances of getting hired.

How to Find Criminology and Criminal Justice Jobs
Discover how to find a new criminal justice or criminolgy career.

How to Find Jobs in Criminal Justice
Learn how to take control of your criminal justice career search and set yourself up for success. Learn the keys to job searching in criminology and criminal justice.

Preparing for Careers in Criminology and Criminal Justice
It's never too late to get ready for a new career. Find out how you can prepare yourself for a rewarding job in criminology or criminal justice.

The 5 Most Popular Criminal Justice Careers
Learn about the most popular jobs in criminology and criminal justice, how much you can expect to earn, and whether one might be right for you.

Top Criminal Justice Career Sites
Find where the best place to look for criminal justice careers online. Get a list of some of the top crimiology career searching sites and get more information on job listings.

Top Forensic Science Career Sites
Find where the best place to look for foresnsic science careers online are. Get a list of some of the top forensic science career searching sites and get more information on job listings in forensics.

Where to Look for Criminology Jobs
Get some tips on where to start your search for your criminal justice career.

10 Things You Need To Consider Before Becoming a Cop
Law enforcement careers are great, but you need to look before you leap. Make sure you know what you're getting into.

How to Communicate Employers
Make sure you're not turning off employers by the way you interact with them. Check out these do's and don'ts of searching for jobs in criminology.

How to Apply for Criminology Jobs
Learn where to look and how to apply for jobs in criminal justice, criminology and forensic science.

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