1. Careers

Career Advancement

Find out what your chances are of moving up the ranks in your criminology career, and learn how to set yourself up for success.

Getting Ahead in Your Criminology Career
Get quick and easy tips on how to work your way up the chain and advance your criminology career.

Promotional Exam Study Tips
Sure-fire study tips to help you pass your promotional exam and get started in the police promotional process.

Acing the In-Basket Exercise
In-basket exercises are used in promtional processe to asses your ability to prioritize and effectively use written communication. Learn how you can excel in the in-basket test and get a leg up on your career.

Police Auxiliary and Reserve Programs
Law enforcement auxiliary and reserve programs offer great opportunities to volunteer your time and serve in a law enforcement capacity, without having to give up you day job. What's more, reserve programs are a great way to get started in a future law enforcement career.

The Oral Board Interview
Get some quick and easy tips to ace your next job interview or oral board and land a great job in criminology.

How to Dress for the Criminal Justice Hiring Process
Dressing the part is one of the first steps to getting the part. Learn how to dress for the job you want and find success in your career search.

What Can You Do With a Criminology Degree
Find out what career options are available to people who earn bachelor's degrees in criminology and whether or not adavanced or graduate training will be required for your criminology career.

What Can You Do With a Criminal Justice Degree
Find out what career options are available to people who earn bachelor's degrees in criminal justice and what the outlook is for criminal justice careers.

Master's Degree in Criminal Justice or Criminology
Should you earn a master's degree in criminal justice or criminology? Get great tips on whether or not you should earn an advanced degree and find out what career options are available if you choose to increase your education criminal justice.

Criminal Justice and Criminology Careers
Learn more about the types of careers available within the fields of criminology, criminal justice and forensic science and explore your career options.

Benefits of a College Education in Criminal Justice Careers
Learn more about the benefits of obtaining a college education while pursuing a career in criminology.

How to Choose A College Major for Criminology Careers
Choosing a degree program doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems. Find out how you can narrow down your choice of college majors and get ready for a rewarding career in criminology or criminal justice.

The Best Criminology Schools
Find out where the best criminology programs are located and how to find the right school for you to kickstart your criminology career.

Career Profile: Traffic Crash Reconstructionist
Learn all about the job of a traffic crash reconstructionist, including job duties, education requirements, salary expectations and industry growth.

Internal Affairs Investigator Career Profile
Learn all about the job of an internal affairs investigator, including job duties, education requirements, salary expectations and industry growth.

Detective and Criminal Investigator Career Profile
Find out what it's like to work as a detective or investigator,

Role Playing and Scenarios
During the promtional assessment process, you need to be ready for whatever they throw at you. get prepared to excel during the role playing exercises.

Understanding the Oral Board
Oral boards are used both during the hiring process and the promotional process. Get insight into the process so you can position yourself for success.

Promotional Test Taking Tips
Be ready on test day and learn the strategies that will set you up for success on your next promtional exam.

Promotional Exam Test Prep
Find the best ways to make sure you are ready to soar on exam day and ace your next promotional exam to help put you on the fast track for advancement.

Promotional Exam Study Tips
Get a leg up on the competition during the promotional process and learn how best to study for promotional exams.

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