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Timothy Roufa

The Election's Over. Now Back to Work.

By November 8, 2012

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So, the 2012 elections are finally over, which means no more robo-calls, angry ads and crowds of people waving unreadable yard signs at you as you drive by. But now that a clear leader has been established, what will that mean for those of us who work in criminology and criminal justice careers?

In truth, probably not much. The fact of the matter is, the president is only one piece of the pie, just one of three equal branches of government. His powers are not broad or vast and, especially with regards to laws and fiscal matters, the United States Congress has far more influence and input. With the balance of power remaining effectively unchanged, we can expect the next two years to look very much like the last two years. Which is good news for criminal justice professionals, who like most other people prefer stability to rapid and random change.

In the long run, the nation will always need to confront crime, and thus will always need police officers, criminologists and other criminal justice careers. So now that the election season is behind us, we've got an easy road ahead: just keep plugging along the way we always have, and doing the absolute best job we possibly can.

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