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Futuring: Why You Need to Look to Tomorrow

Futuring in Criminal Justice

The world is changing, and fast. Whether on the job or on the job hunt, if you want to find success you need to look toward the future. Learn about the importance of futuring in criminal justice and how you can be ready to be a part of the workforce of tomorrow.

How Technology is Shaping Criminal Justice
Criminology Careers Spotlight10

The Importance of Futuring in Criminal Justice and Criminology

The future is not so far off as you might think. Changes are coming for criminal justice careers. Are you ready for the bold new world of tomorrow?

Police Officer Certification Exam Study Help

You need to pass the police officer certification exam if you want to make it in law enforcement, so we're offering our best advice for success.

Europol: Policing the European Union

How does the European union manage criminal investigation across international boundaries? With cooperation from police agencies through Europol.

NTSB Aviation Accident Investigator Job Information

When airplanes crash, expert investigators deploy to find out how and why it happened. Find out what these NTSB Investigators do and how they do it.

INTERPOL: International Policing

Police without borders? Discover how law enforcement operates around the world thorough INTERPOL, the international police support organization.

FIFA Investigator Job Information

FIFA and world soccer - or association football - have long struggled with allegations of corruption. How does the body work to keep the sport clean?

Guardians or Warriors? The Changing Role of Law Enforcement

Society is changing, and police departments are having to learn to change, too. Find out how officers learn to serve and protect in the 21st century

What It's Like to Work as a Digital Forensic Examiner

Computer forensic expert John Irvine tells us how he got his start working in digital forensics and what he did to prepare himself for this exciting career.

Psychic Detectives

Learn the fascinating truth about whether or not police use psychics.


What body provides standards for fingerprint analysis? Find out.

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